Conceive Plus works by increasing the lubrication in the birth canal, which makes penetration easier.  It provides the correct environment for the sperm to swim through towards the egg.  It contains ingredients that keep the vaginal fluid at the correct pH for fertilization of the egg and also Calcium and Magnesium ions which the egg and the sperm require for fertilization.

Conceive Plus does not harm sperm, or hinder sperm movement.

How to use Conceive Plus 75ml Multi-Use Tube

Use Conceive Plus Lubricant as you would use a regular lubricant. Apply the desired amount in the vagina or on the penis, as often as is desired.  The multi-use tube may be used together with the Pre Filled Applicators.  Apply 10 -15 minutes before sex.

 How to use the Pre Filled Applicators

Hold the narrow end of the applicator facing upwards (towards you), twist off and remove the tip.  Insert the narrow of the applicator into the vagina and squeeze the gel out, deep into the vagina.  Each applicator is only for single use.  Do not store or re-use after opening.  The pre filled applicators may be used together with the 75ml Multi-Use Tube.  Apply 10 – 15 minutes before sex.

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