Conceive Plus is a Fertility-Friendly Lubricant that is specifically and specially formulated to aid those that are trying to conceive naturally.  A fertility friendly lubricant is formulated such that it mimics (imitates) the natural fertile cervical mucus that the body produces during ovulation.  This fertile cervical mucus creates an enabling environment for the sperm to reach the egg for fertilization to take place, naturally.


Conceive Plus Fertility-Friendy Lubricant is formulated using ingredients that are safe for sperm, and helps to improve sperm motility and also sperm viability (lifespan), and thus it helps in the fertilization process.  Other lubricants tend to be harmful to sperm because they contain chemicals and ingredients that damage and kill sperm.


Conceive Plus Fertility-Friendly Lubricant also contains magnesium and calcium ions which are essential for fertilization to take place.


Conceive Plus Fertility-Friendly Lubricant matches your body’s fertile cervical mucus and thus supplements your body’s natural fertile lubrication.



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