Prostavor is a dietary supplement that was formulated to utilize the synergistic benefits of many nutritional supplements that have been shown to improve prostate health and support urinary function.


Beta Sitosterol/Saw Palmetto

(Proprietary Blend)                            300mg

Zinc                                                     10mg

Selenium AAC 0.2%                          10mg

Vitamin D3                                         250iu

Vitamin E                                           10mg

Stinging Nettle (powder)                    25mg

Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)                     25mg

Trans Resveratrol 50%                       25mg

Lycopene                                            5mg

Pumpkin Seed Extract 4:1                  50mg

Piperine Extract                                  5mg


Stinging Nettle


Pumpkin Seed


Beta Sitosterol


Saw Palmetto




Dosage and instructions for use:-

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