What is Sperm Viability?

Sperm viability is a very important factor in fertility. Sperm Viability is also referred to as Sperm Vitality. Sperm viability refers to the percentage of live sperm available in the semen sample. The percentage of viable sperm in a normal sample is at least 50%. Using a lubricant that is not fertility friendly can kill […]

How Can I Increase My Sperm Count?

Low sperm count (oligospermia) may affect male fertility. It reduces the chances of pregnancy/egg fertilization. Men with a low sperm count can still get their partner pregnant, though it may take a little longer compared to men that have a normal sperm count. One of the ways to increase sperm count is by use of […]

What is Sperm Motility?

Sperm Motility refers to the ability of sperm to move.  The sperm need to be able to move in a co-ordinated manner, and in a forward direction if fertilization is to take place.   Sperm Motility is measured by performing a Semen Analysis.   Sperm Motility in the semen sample is described as either Progressive […]

What is Low Sperm Count?

Low Sperm Count is referred to as Oligospermia.  This is a condition found in men that have fewer sperm than what is considered a normal count.  According to the World Health Organisation, WHO, a normal sperm count is considered to be a count of between 15 million sperm per ml and 200 million sperm per […]