Low sperm count (oligospermia) may affect male fertility. It reduces the chances of pregnancy/egg fertilization. Men with a low sperm count can still get their partner pregnant, though it may take a little longer compared to men that have a normal sperm count.

One of the ways to increase sperm count is by use of supplements that contain folic acid, inositol, zinc and selenium. Folic acid ensures good sperm health. Inositol helps in sperm production and motility. Zinc ensures normal testosterone levels, as well as production and development of healthy and mature spermatozoa (for fertilization to take place). Selenium ensures healthy sperm motility (movement) as well as morphology (shape), both of which are required for the sperm to be able to fertilize the egg.

Other ways to increase/raise sperm count include but not limited to; eating a healthy diet, maintaining healthy weight, regular exercise, minimise exposure to toxins such as harmful pesticides, chemicals, heavy metals etc, engaging in safe sex practices such as use of condoms, which may help prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, some of which may lead to fertility issues. Also avoid hot tubs, tight-fitting underwear, saunas etc which cause an increase in scrotal temperatures, thus affecting sperm production. Manage your stress levels, as stress may lead to hormonal imbalance which interferes with sperm production.

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